Year Book


There are plenty of things that I wish I could change about high school: My clothes, my hair, my obsessive love for obnoxious emo music, and the one time I farted in the middle of asking a guy out on a date. Yes, that really happened.

Looking back at those formative years, it’s hard not to cringe, and nothing is more cringeworthy than a high school yearbook. Containing what are possibly some of the most embarrassing photos committed to high gloss paper, yearbooks are journeys into the past that most of us don’t want to take. Admittedly, my yearbook quote was pretty benign – looking at these, I wish I had spent less time choosing that headband, and more time getting creative. Every single one of these makes me proud of the America’s youth.


Mitchell Wieland

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Elaine grace Balucan



My Understanding of Life Paradox Conflicts

fireworkThe world is full of sorrow and happiness, both are playing at the same time and it’s tolling us to live. Not only the world but also those people who you dearly care and love, we reflect or oppose and sometimes mimic like them. The word idolize, envy, payback, anger, smile, tears and love are have many connections to people, me and yourself. These words are came from our own self-deprivation of misinterprets and mistakes.

Living is a truly difficult life to maintain if you have the personality of pessimistic, easily deceive and fearful. You must at least try yourself to be injured or stand yourself bravely to defend your life. I know it is hard to do it but this is the only option for you to continue living. Remember, there is always a light to passed by and watching you.

As for me a mere simple human, I can’t do what others can do, I can’t understand what others have thoughts or ideas and I can’t talk what others trying to convey. Im a rebellious person before, I have gone through lots of worst circumstances. I don’t want to go back and never want to let it happen ever again. For me, worst than a nightmare I say. My life before are not that balance, but it gives me a lot of confusions and questions. Not until the light who always watch me were the one who realize and snap me out of those problems and my sadness.

I do believe in God since when my parents and my grandparents are the one who make a conversation to tell me who is He. I’m happy when good things happen and thank God  but whenever there is a bad things happen, I blame God. I am so naive that time and foolish, I didn’t even realize that was for me to experience what life and a meaning for me that I must continue living while believing in Him. Because He knows and understand me as a follower, as a believer and as a child of His that I’ve became a sinner. I’ve thoughts to neglect my life and that’s why He cared that He has forgiven me because of my blindness to faith.


Here are some Sites/Articles to help yourself understand and answers your questions…

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