Year Book


There are plenty of things that I wish I could change about high school: My clothes, my hair, my obsessive love for obnoxious emo music, and the one time I farted in the middle of asking a guy out on a date. Yes, that really happened.

Looking back at those formative years, it’s hard not to cringe, and nothing is more cringeworthy than a high school yearbook. Containing what are possibly some of the most embarrassing photos committed to high gloss paper, yearbooks are journeys into the past that most of us don’t want to take. Admittedly, my yearbook quote was pretty benign – looking at these, I wish I had spent less time choosing that headband, and more time getting creative. Every single one of these makes me proud of the America’s youth.


Mitchell Wieland

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Elaine grace Balucan


Why I love ART

Imagination to creation, creation to illustration, illustration from expression, these cycle keeps reversing and it circulates that indicates where the Art came from. Sometimes without knowing, it will just appear of nowhere except your inspiration to the Art that this will enhance you and give you more understanding. Art didn’t choose when should appear at times. It takes imagination to run wild and seek the perfect thing to show to the others. And it meant to appreciate by others.

Art was divided into two roles. This where the Visual Art and Performing Art. The Visual Art were the creation of ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, filmmaking, literature, and architecture. Performing Arts are the Music, Theatre, and Dance and Speech. Both had the same definition that Art means it expresses and emotion and imagination of one persons mind.

Art is already part of my life. It’s like my buddy who will makes me satisfy and enjoyed. It always give me a lot of potential how to be more creative. For me, I really like Arts every time I see one, it does give me a little bit envy and amazed how it was created. Since when I was a kid, I’m already a fan of Art. I was so attracted to it. So I started to try myself to make my own originality. And continued it until now, hungry for more seeking how others make kinds of Art. Mostly wondering myself how those famous artists create their portraits. I challenge myself when will my limit ends, and surprisingly I’ve never been bored to make lots of Art on my own persistent and passionate about it.

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The Life span of ART

Art comes from a different role from a different artists, painters, etc. Those talented and gifted people has an unlimited idea of creativity. Some describes detailed and some are questionable but all of these had the same result of a man’s urge to express. Differed from what ordinary people sees or experience in the world as an artist, artist is way too passionate compared to an ordinary people. They had such an extension to express more.
Art is already known since in the age of an early modern human. They create figurines from clay, jewelries that had many means the way it was designed, musical instrument, rock Art from the cave and other decorative objects. Everything made from different styles and techniques. Even they’re failed to make it more attractive or interesting, they won’t stop until they will get what they want. To their being imaginative they continue to extend and develop.
There are lots of history in Arts, and this where the Ancient Egypt Art follows; were Egyptians are good at making paintings and sculptures. Which is very impressive to make the Egyptian Pyramids and their idea of symbolizing architectures; Then in the century of B.C. (before Christ), the Early Christian Art started and architecture or Paleochristian Art, Paintings, were Leonardo Da Vinci who were so well-knowned to become so imaginative and a genius of way of creating and describing things; And the Ancient Greece (Circa 360 B.C.) who were so obsessed with music, the Nine Muses of Greek Mythology of inspiration in literature, science and the Arts; also the creation of photographic film, were the first camera called “Kodak” invented by George Eastman in 1888-1889, where it start to record or capture the creation of other persons perspective. These history of Art are still exist and it still features to other countries.
From early civilization and todays generation, were society right now are so advance that the technologies and machines were born. Even Arts also includes this kind of evolution. Base on cultures, inventions, beliefs, it is way too long to cut the edge of the thread to end the idea and creation of Art. Until it reach the limits of those creators way of intellectual creativeness to prosper more. There are more awaited unique creativity and the understanding of Arts.

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My Understanding of Life Paradox Conflicts

fireworkThe world is full of sorrow and happiness, both are playing at the same time and it’s tolling us to live. Not only the world but also those people who you dearly care and love, we reflect or oppose and sometimes mimic like them. The word idolize, envy, payback, anger, smile, tears and love are have many connections to people, me and yourself. These words are came from our own self-deprivation of misinterprets and mistakes.

Living is a truly difficult life to maintain if you have the personality of pessimistic, easily deceive and fearful. You must at least try yourself to be injured or stand yourself bravely to defend your life. I know it is hard to do it but this is the only option for you to continue living. Remember, there is always a light to passed by and watching you.

As for me a mere simple human, I can’t do what others can do, I can’t understand what others have thoughts or ideas and I can’t talk what others trying to convey. Im a rebellious person before, I have gone through lots of worst circumstances. I don’t want to go back and never want to let it happen ever again. For me, worst than a nightmare I say. My life before are not that balance, but it gives me a lot of confusions and questions. Not until the light who always watch me were the one who realize and snap me out of those problems and my sadness.

I do believe in God since when my parents and my grandparents are the one who make a conversation to tell me who is He. I’m happy when good things happen and thank God  but whenever there is a bad things happen, I blame God. I am so naive that time and foolish, I didn’t even realize that was for me to experience what life and a meaning for me that I must continue living while believing in Him. Because He knows and understand me as a follower, as a believer and as a child of His that I’ve became a sinner. I’ve thoughts to neglect my life and that’s why He cared that He has forgiven me because of my blindness to faith.


Here are some Sites/Articles to help yourself understand and answers your questions…

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Choose a Real FRIENDSHIP

Being alone is sometimes scary. But when you’re in a fine surrounding, it’s nice to be alone. Especially when you are breathing in the wind, together wondered with the sea and sky asking a question how life will end. If there’s a purpose or reason to live.  Seeking for answers why you were alive.

We are born here in the world because we have a purpose. Not every person we met is nice or bad. And it doesn’t mean he/ she is a good person. Just be with them and be a real fellow. Deal with it even if it hurts when you know the truth.

Remember there are still other person who will laugh with you, protect you, care for you and mostly pray for your goodness in life. Those fake ones who will enjoy your weaknesses. Without realizing yourself who you were trusting your private life to the wrong person, the best way is not to do something cruelest revenge or a way to make their life aweful to live. There are times they feel guilty, thinking why did they do that and come up to their mind to apologize. Giving a chance will give both of you a wonderful friendship.

All of us have many friends but less true friends. True friends are the one who will laugh with you whether if its funny or a nonsense. But when they know which is wrong about you, they undoubtedly tell you the hurtful truth. They’re also the person who treats you like a real sibling, not on your appearance or your personality but in your heart. Spend all of your wills to live happy together to those friends who God let them to be with you in tough and good times.

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The Importance of WATER to Man

Everything needs water. A very soothing element which is very important to the world. It feels like you are having a complete purification when you drink it. Worth to be use it in anything. Also it energized you.

A clear and fine water comes from a wonderful nature. Imagine you’re living with a peaceful place. The flow and every last drop of it will make you at ease. Feel the breeze and calmness of a true nature of mother earth. So we must make sure it won’t take for losing.

Society right now keeps evolving. Lots of amazing machines, foods are getting yummier but some are unhealthy and buildings are getting taller than before. All of these use nature’s ingredients, the trees, veggies, plants etc. and mostly the water. Everything were giving the water a big hit of changes. Many beneficial to the world but less on importance and care to nature.

Water is just like a life, it gives you a lot potential, but sometimes it won’t last and needs a lot of attention and importance. Also it is like a love. If you waste it and at the end you will feel the conscience of a care how worth it be to you. Water is for the world and must be taken cared for. So give everything your best to care, save every drop because without this on your life, something is missing. So love and care for water.

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How Confusing it will be without them and HIM

He is sitting on a bench alone. A sunny day and a fine weather to go outside. The aroma of a salted sea. A really fined grass. It’s perfect for you to ponder. A cool weather and a nice spot to sleep or relax.

The mind of a person have many wonderful and creative thoughts. Each of us is not perfect, there are amazing moments and sometimes problems come. The world is balance, sometimes there’s negative and sometimes positive. We cannot avoid the changes of the world. So it’s better to stand and accept to move forward.

Being alone is not always right. So even if you think about yourself deeply, there should be someone for you to cheer up or must express yourself how you feel about your life. Even you’re in a cool or in the most fun places, nothing can beat the emotion you were carrying and the urge to disappear. It’s better to talk about it with someone. Because being alone is very lonely and painful.

God has plan for us. God didn’t choose who’s the rich and poor to bless by his glory. And having an ugly or amazing life times doesn’t mean He is just playing tags with you to confuse. But every time of your life with the world, He is just giving you worst hints and meaningful clues to realize that everything in the world is meaningless if you don’t have the faith, belief and acceptance who you are and what is your tasks of being a child of His. So right now and for tomorrow, be brave and have faith, because life of a man owns first from God but not accepting Him will slowly comes to the despair of conscience.

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