Why I love ART

Imagination to creation, creation to illustration, illustration from expression, these cycle keeps reversing and it circulates that indicates where the Art came from. Sometimes without knowing, it will just appear of nowhere except your inspiration to the Art that this will enhance you and give you more understanding. Art didn’t choose when should appear at times. It takes imagination to run wild and seek the perfect thing to show to the others. And it meant to appreciate by others.

Art was divided into two roles. This where the Visual Art and Performing Art. The Visual Art were the creation of ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, filmmaking, literature, and architecture. Performing Arts are the Music, Theatre, and Dance and Speech. Both had the same definition that Art means it expresses and emotion and imagination of one persons mind.

Art is already part of my life. It’s like my buddy who will makes me satisfy and enjoyed. It always give me a lot of potential how to be more creative. For me, I really like Arts every time I see one, it does give me a little bit envy and amazed how it was created. Since when I was a kid, I’m already a fan of Art. I was so attracted to it. So I started to try myself to make my own originality. And continued it until now, hungry for more seeking how others make kinds of Art. Mostly wondering myself how those famous artists create their portraits. I challenge myself when will my limit ends, and surprisingly I’ve never been bored to make lots of Art on my own persistent and passionate about it.

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