The Life span of ART

Art comes from a different role from a different artists, painters, etc. Those talented and gifted people has an unlimited idea of creativity. Some describes detailed and some are questionable but all of these had the same result of a man’s urge to express. Differed from what ordinary people sees or experience in the world as an artist, artist is way too passionate compared to an ordinary people. They had such an extension to express more.
Art is already known since in the age of an early modern human. They create figurines from clay, jewelries that had many means the way it was designed, musical instrument, rock Art from the cave and other decorative objects. Everything made from different styles and techniques. Even they’re failed to make it more attractive or interesting, they won’t stop until they will get what they want. To their being imaginative they continue to extend and develop.
There are lots of history in Arts, and this where the Ancient Egypt Art follows; were Egyptians are good at making paintings and sculptures. Which is very impressive to make the Egyptian Pyramids and their idea of symbolizing architectures; Then in the century of B.C. (before Christ), the Early Christian Art started and architecture or Paleochristian Art, Paintings, were Leonardo Da Vinci who were so well-knowned to become so imaginative and a genius of way of creating and describing things; And the Ancient Greece (Circa 360 B.C.) who were so obsessed with music, the Nine Muses of Greek Mythology of inspiration in literature, science and the Arts; also the creation of photographic film, were the first camera called “Kodak” invented by George Eastman in 1888-1889, where it start to record or capture the creation of other persons perspective. These history of Art are still exist and it still features to other countries.
From early civilization and todays generation, were society right now are so advance that the technologies and machines were born. Even Arts also includes this kind of evolution. Base on cultures, inventions, beliefs, it is way too long to cut the edge of the thread to end the idea and creation of Art. Until it reach the limits of those creators way of intellectual creativeness to prosper more. There are more awaited unique creativity and the understanding of Arts.

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