The relation of ART to the world

Such thing for people loves to wonder. Asking where it will go, and deciding what’s facts. Looking for more information what is they’re trying to convey. Providing puzzles to solve to know what’s missing. Lots of question when will the answers reveal. Only focusing how it will show, but without noticing how it was described.

We don’t know enough details if we don’t seek for more question. Art also comes from mystery and purpose. There are many meanings to tell, each is having more than just a describable and artful thing. Everywhere you will see different angles, different scenario and sometimes an illusion that you see. It has many paths to follow to get in the right place, thinking when will you find the right detail to share.

Art already became part of the world. Like those inventors also used the concept of Art, the musicians composing melodic and harmony base on their style of composing, the photographer photographs perfect scenario, the graffiti artist were who sprayed something on the wall(whatever)😆, the engineers who build complex buildings, theater were all roles sings and act together and much more. That has such thing called the ways of creating Art in different role of a human skills.

Even when we are asleep Art will also appear. What I mean is when we dream, this activity will help brain to show glimpse of visionary and sensation. Where it hides some very interesting things to discover. There are more boundaries and places to put the role of Art to human race. It keeps evolving, existing and processing to make another methods of Imagination. Not from specific but for everything that it will shown to the people how power is the Art can be.

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