How Confusing it will be without them and HIM

He is sitting on a bench alone. A sunny day and a fine weather to go outside. The aroma of a salted sea. A really fined grass. It’s perfect for you to ponder. A cool weather and a nice spot to sleep or relax.

The mind of a person have many wonderful and creative thoughts. Each of us is not perfect, there are amazing moments and sometimes problems come. The world is balance, sometimes there’s negative and sometimes positive. We cannot avoid the changes of the world. So it’s better to stand and accept to move forward.

Being alone is not always right. So even if you think about yourself deeply, there should be someone for you to cheer up or must express yourself how you feel about your life. Even you’re in a cool or in the most fun places, nothing can beat the emotion you were carrying and the urge to disappear. It’s better to talk about it with someone. Because being alone is very lonely and painful.

God has plan for us. God didn’t choose who’s the rich and poor to bless by his glory. And having an ugly or amazing life times doesn’t mean He is just playing tags with you to confuse. But every time of your life with the world, He is just giving you worst hints and meaningful clues to realize that everything in the world is meaningless if you don’t have the faith, belief and acceptance who you are and what is your tasks of being a child of His. So right now and for tomorrow, be brave and have faith, because life of a man owns first from God but not accepting Him will slowly comes to the despair of conscience.

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